Basic Videography and Video Editing

Does your business require video content to gain visibility? Do you often require professional help to shoot your event, seminar or corporate videos?

Our one-to-one coaching will cover the basic role and technicalities of Video graphing. Our trainers will guide and coach you the necessary techniques required for this course. Attendees will also learn about maintenance of equipment, lighting and sound. Not forgetting other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing. By end of the sessions, you will walk away with the knowledge to create your own professional videos!

Who is it for?
This workshop is designed for non-professional videographers who wishes to learn the basics of Videography and Video Editing.

Topics include:

• Difference between cinematography and videography
• Video production and Editing
• Role of a Videographer
• Editing Tip and Techniques
• Importance of video editing

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