Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the online social media tool that is capable of reaching out to others easily. Amplify your social media marketing campaigns with Facebook advertising. Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences, so you can make sure your ads are getting in front of the right people.

Facebook not only provides users with an extensive ability to network, they have also been warmly received by corporate sectors because of their rich advertising opportunities. To sum it all up, Facebook is one of the strongest social media marketing tools that is able to help you to reach out to people who may be interested in your product/service.  With the right targeting, your businesses will experience a substantial increase in revenue.

Topics include:

1. Is Facebook suitable for my business?
2. Facebook Business Page Creation, Planning and Management
3. Setting up roles and permissions in Facebook Business Manager
4. Setting up an advertising account with Facebook
5. Target Audience Identification
6. What is the ultimate aim for advertising on Facebook
7. Understanding Facebook ad types
8. Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
9. How to produce leads and sales from Facebook Ads?
10. Choosing a budget
11. Boosting page posts
12. Creating and scheduling reports
13. Improving ad performance
14. Understanding Facebook’s ad policies
15. Using conversion pixels
16. Using the Power Editor
17. Managing ads and campaigns in bulk
18. Bulk uploading ad images
19. Facebook Ad customisation
20. Duplicating ads
21. How to identify target audience?
24. What is Facebook re-Targeting?
25. Creating custom audiences
26. How to engage followers to give likes, shares and comments?
27. Viral Traffic Creation

If you are keen to make improvements in online marketing, then Facebook marketing is definitely a cost effective strategy to consider. Our Facebook Marketing Course is suitable for companies keen on learning more about B2C marketing.

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