Instagram Marketing

Instagram helps you to use #hashtags that can be used on your posts so that people see your post when they search for a certain hashtag. Also, you can pay Instagram to promote your brand so that certain posts of yours show up on your potential target markets feed. Plus, you can link your Instagram to your other social sites, especially Facebook. Therefore, you can share your Instagram posts on your Facebook page’s timeline.

You will also discover to make viral unique content design, sources of free royalty images, editing video from your mobile phone, best Mobile apps for Instagram Marketing and use of Hashtags and Tags Strategy that works for your business.

What Will I Learn?

1. Instagram for business
2. Why use Instagram to grow your business?
3. Instagram stories: Ways to grow your business with Instagram stories
4. Attract Phase: Start getting the RIGHT type of followers
5. Convert Phase: Start converting followers into leads.
6. Instagram Ads: How to create and optimize
7. Instagram tools to measure analytics
8. Instagram tools to schedule Posts
9. Instagram boost post
10. Instagram Tools to create images & videos
11. Instagram Shop – Sell your products

Learn now about how to promote your Instagram to your target audience via hashtags, tagging and proper captions and convert your new Instagram followers to long-term loyal paying customers who love your business!

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